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R&D Personalized medicine: DYNAPRED – DynaPred

Dynakin R&D activity is mainly directed towards individualized treatment systems through the development of methods and products for prediction of the optimal dose, or posology scheme, for drugs with a narrow therapeutic range mostly in chronic or costly therapies and in pediatrics.

DynaPRED® is an application designed to be accessible on a server via the web with a mathematical estimation core (stand alone proprietary executable and dynamically loaded library). DynaPRED is the Bayesian estimator functionality of Dynakin’s own development of a maximum likelihood estimation software package for PK /PD, Dknonlin®. Dknonlin – DynaPRED has been optimized to perform real-time estimation offering the possibility of fully interactive screen (touch screen) for trial and error / simulation exploration of dosing regimen scenaria.

Funded project Spanish Government #SME-2017-1008-1 (The platform for personalized pharmacotherapy).

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